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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Okay, Mark Twain has been dead 100 years and his pre-publication sales are better than mine. What does that say???

Truthfully, even though I am not at Samuel Clemens numbers, my pre-sales are doing great! The book is at the printer, I am  making room in the warehouse and all is well…I just returned from Provincetown, MA with a book signing at the fabulous indepenent bookstore Now Voyager and having had a really fun reading at The Vixen.

For the first time in recorded history the first weekend of Women’s Week offered gorgeous weather – warm, clear and fantastic. The town was crawling with tourists, many of them women, gearing up for the Women’s Week festivities. Comics Jennie McNulty, Suzanne Westenhoeffer and Maggie Cassella were in rare form, the laugher coming at the expense of the Tea Party and many other topics of the day.

I’m embarrased to admit that my own state of Delaware with “I am not a witch” Christine O’Donnell running provided much fodder. Her new ad says “I am you.” Well I’m here to say no she is not, not even the teeniest bit.

Between the kooks and crooks running with the Tea Party and the hideous news about teen suicides, the  Trevor Project It Gets Better Campaign took off. It DOES get better and this blog is here to prove it. For Frying Out Loud (to coin a phrase), we’ve got to get people to help these youngsters understand that high school is survivable and that it gets so much better than they can ever imagine.

So tomorrow, on Wednesday, Oct. 20th, along with thousands of others, I shall wear purple in support of the It Gets Better Campaign……it does, and kids, it will for you too…look at me, I have a new book  coming out…who’d a thunk it when I was in seventh grade getting the crap kicked out of me for being different….

For Frying Out Loud, it gets better.